We want to offer the best experience to our clients, making sure that everything is done correctly, committing ourselves to carry out our work efficiently and effectively.

Our experience in the underwater services sector means that our performance is enhanced and we always act in a professional manner.

Our services

Macpherson Underwater Services offers an extensive range of services to its clients, covering all the sector of the commercial and industrial diving profession, always adapted to the needs of our clients.


Ship operations and submerged structures. Ship repairs, hull cleaning and structure repairs.


One of the sectors where we have obtained greater experience.


We carry out all kinds of wastewater services


Repairs in dry dock, stocks and shipyards. R.O.V. and 3D design.

Our policy

We always take care of every detail. 


We systematically meet the expectations of our clients.


We improve the performance of the company through efficient resource management.


We seek the commitment and well-being of our staff in the field of occupational health and safety.


Direct contact with our clients, taking care about their needs and preferences.

Our services

In all our jobs we ensure that we always use the best equipment and follow all safety measures to guarantee the best possible service for our customers.

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Our team

We have the best professionals and above all a team with exceptional human quality. We treat all our clients in a close and personalized way, making each experience count.

Classifiers and certifications