About us

Our company

Macpherson Underwater Services has extensive experience in all industrial and commercial sectors of professional diving, with the firm intention of contributing to the sector with a high degree of reliability and security, as well as with an optimum performance in all works and services. Our main objective is the full satisfaction of each and every one of our clients, maintaining the highest levels of quality and security in all interventions by means of the meticulous analysis of each operation.

Macpherson Underwater Services is a family-run business with a long tradition linked to the Maritime sector, where implications of professional efficiency go beyond the satisfaction of the client's requests, making it necessary to reach levels of excellence in accordance with inherent principles and values.

We have extensive experience in the diving sector, acquired over more than 20 years of absolute dedication, specialising in all kinds of technical services, inspections and repairs of floating structures, contaminated waters, confined spaces, as well as activities in hydraulic works, which allows us to apply the most advanced techniques in diving, offering specific solutions for each client.

Our personnel

All personnel at Macpherson Underwater Services fulfil a profile of technical excellence, with continuous training in order to maintain these high engineering and technological levels. This is an essential requirement within the company's philosophy, where quality and safety are fundamental values.

We have developed new technologies to provide our personnel with the most efficient tools in order to improve performance and safety during different operations.

This allows us to achieve the highest level of detail, minimising risks inherent to this profession and increasing productivity. Our team has the versatility needed to maintain high adaptability to the different characteristics of each assignment, by having professionals specialised in different types of diving.