Special environments

Works in special environments is the main areas of work of our company, due to the high degree of training and technical equipment required. Macpherson Underwater Services applies specific procedures for interventions in these environments.

Extremely confined spaces

In spite of the fact that immersions in any environment are considered by definition as confined spaces, Macpherson Underwater Services applies complementary measures for those situations where a person is required for the intervetion, and when those areas are of difficult access or of limited mobility. Examples of these can be pipes with reduced diameters, sunken ships and all kinds of submerged installations.

Contaminated environments

Contaminated environments require specific preparation, vaccinations and medical control, as well as training and equipment that guarantee the safety of the diver at all times. 
We carry out all kinds of services in waste water treatment plants, pumping stations, digesters and all derivates in chemical and electrical plants.

Sterile environments or drinking water

For interventions where the environments need to be sterile, Macpherson Underwater Services employs watertight, disinfected equipment free of pathogens, which prevents contact with the diver and therefore impeding contamination of the environment. These services are especially required in Drinkable Water Treatment Plants, as well as in certain levels of reservoirs, basins or suply network.