Other industries

Macpherson Underwater Services works in all types of industries but specialising in the energy and petrochemical industries due to our extensive experience in these sectors.
We also have other tools that make it possible for us to carry out many jobs that other companies cannot.

Energy industry

Macpherson Underwater Services complies with the quality standards that are required in the energy industry in order to ensure that the facilities are secure and to prevent any type of risk during operations.

Petrochemical industry 

We carry out inspections, repairs and maintenance services of facilities in the petrochemical industry: in water harvesting systems; in pipelines; and in reservoirs. We have assisted as superintendents for major international companies in pipeline inspection campaigns.

MACPHERSON CRAB (Pipeline autonomous survey system)

Macpherson has designed and patented a system for inspections of pipelines, especially aimed at the petrochemical and the energy industries to allow continuous inspections without interference from climate conditions and maintaining productivity at all times.

3D Design

During the execution of reports, we apply graphic information and 3D design that ease the understanding of the operations to be carried out, especially in those cases where it is not possible to take pictures.