R.O.V. Inspection services

Macpherson Underwater Services offers inspection services and assistant with R.O.V. specially designed for areas of difficult access or great depths where operations with divers are very limited.
We have several models with different characteristics, which allows us to offer each project a tool more adapted to its needs. 

SIBIU PRO – Macpherson

The SIBIU PRO is a R.O.V. model autonomous in terms of the power system, since it has its own batteries. This equipment is more robust and larger (16 kg) having 8 motors that allow stable movements in all directions up to a speed of 3 knots. This model can dive up to 300 meters deep. 
It has 4 LED lighting sources of 1500 lumens each, a 1080p HD camera and a sophisticated navigation system. 

In the configuration carried out by Macpherson Underwater Services, the following have been included:
  • Back camera
  • Electro-mechanical arm
  • A GPS Water Linked triangulated positioning system.
  • Complementary batteries
 • Navigation Headset


It is one of the smallest and most versatile ROVs on the market, despite being one of the oldest. It has power supplied from the surface, so the permanence on the seabed is limited. Has the ability to navigate up to 300 meters deep, and at a distance of more than 600 meters.
The Videoray has two adjustable high-intensity LED lighting sources that, in combination with its camera, allow images to be obtained in very diverse situations, as well as 2 propulsion motors and another motor for vertical movement.

Likewise, we have several accessories that make our ROV a more complete equipment, having opted for the following extensions:
  • Back camera, high contrast B/W for better night vision. 
  • Electric arm, with a capacity of up to 34 kg and opening of up to 2».
  • Optional HD camera, which helps us to obtain high quality images (withouth ROV data overlay).
  • Dual recording systems, being able to record on two devices at the same time (main and backup).