Our services

Macpherson Underwater Services offers an extensive range of services to its clients, covering all the sector of the commercial and industrial diving profession, always adapted to the needs of our clients.

When executing reports, we apply graphic information and 3D designs that facilitate or ease the comprehension of the operations, especially in cases where it is not possible to produce images.

Some of the most common services carried out by Macpherson Underwater Services are as followings:

Macpherson Underwater Services carries out all types of services of support for ships and submerged structures, employing sophisticated tools for its development.

Hydraulic work is one of the main areas of work for Macpherson Underwater Services. This is one of the sectors where we have obtained greater experience.

Works in special environments are the main areas of work of our company, due to the high degree of training and technical equipment required.

Inspection and emptying of floodgates and valves including any repairs, as well as installation of water tight seals, cleaning of mud, maintenance of circuit pump, etc.

Macpherson Underwater services has available to its clients R.O.V. equipment (Remote Operated Vehicle) for assisting divers or for the inspection of areas of difficult accessibility or of great depth.

Macpherson Underwater Services works in all kinds of industries, among which we can highlight the energy and petrochemical industries due to our great experience in these sectors.