Hydraulic Works

Macpherson Underwater Services has a long history of operations in hydraulic works, in all its variants.
The company's almost 20 years of experience endorse us as professionals who aspire to excellence and the provision of quality and reliable services. Our commitment to safety is the essence of our vision as a company.
Hydraulic work is one of the main areas of work for Macpherson Underwater Services. This is one of the sectors where we have obtained greater experience.


We have execued repair works and enlargement of ports, docks and dikes, as well as installations and pipeline repairs (outfalls, sewers and sewer pipes).

Inspection and control of works

We carry out inspections, surveillance, control of works, as well as technical reports, achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction due to the quality and objectivity. 

Study, consultancy and advice on projects

Technical support for the study and development of projects, as well as advice to resolve problems during the execution of works.


We have the technical means to carry out dredging in ports, coastal areas and areas with difficult access for vessels.